Module 2 – Non-discrimination

2.2 The Lived Experience with Abia Akram

In this section you will learn from the first hand experiences of disability rights advocate, Abia Akram. Abia is at the forefront of gender and disability advocacy in Pakistan and has expanded opportunities for women with disabilities in Pakistan and the greater Asia Pacific region.

Abia has always voiced the very strong message that you can’t have gender rights without disability rights, and you can’t have disability rights without gender rights. She talks a lot about her experience with discrimination and how we can protect women with disabilities from violence and abuse. Her leadership in Pakistan has dramatically changed the landscape and really put non-discrimination on the map throughout the Asia Pacific.

Essential Questions

While listening to Abia speak, try to answer the following:

  • What type of discrimination do women with disabilities in some developing countries face?
  • What role does education play in discrimination?
  • What is the link between gender and disability rights?